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In which we took her home - Good Enough
The chronicles of an underachiever

Date: 2010-10-22 07:28
Subject: In which we took her home
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Music:Stop and Stare by One Republic
Tags:in which, keely, kevin, lynn
Thanks for all the love and support i received from yesterdays entry. I didn't realize so many people actually read all my ramblings so it was touching. We had an appointment yesterday and Keely is doing great! I frakking love the BSG Community...I can't believe I didn't know it existed until a few months ago! Life can turn on a dime so enjoy it whilst you can!!!
And now, without further ado, we return to our scheduled program:

We first ran into Keely at Wesley Long Hospital. I already told you the story of how her arrival created such an upheaval that it was referred to forever after as the “San Francisco Earthquake.” The date was October 17, 1989. She was the most beautiful baby we had ever seen so we decided to take her home with us. She was perfect and wonderful and fat. But then, she learned to talk. It took her quite some time to master the art of talking and almost no time at all to learn to talk back. She has become quite proficient at this.

But seriously, where to begin on “Life with Keely?” Keely is a challenging person to write about. Smart, witty, and clever, she can also be an incredibly exasperating person. So, what to say?

I suppose Keely has been raised in a rather unorthodox manner. She has been encouraged to be outspoken and independent. Our goal has always been to raise children that can function as competent adults in this dog eat dog world. As a result, Keely is quite capable of putting her nose to the grindstone and getting the work done. She is hardworking and diligent and often helpful to others who are struggling. She has a great sense of humor and can often be quite self deprecating. This good humor has served her well through many tough situations.

While Keely slinks around our house claiming to be the “least loved child” (which by the way, I assured her that her sister was), she actually manages to grab most of the attention. With her outlandish comments, she always has us laughing; if not with her, then at her. No seriously, AT her. She came in to see her father and I one evening as we were watching a history channel special on the San Francisco Earthquake. She asked what we were watching and we told her that the earthquake occurred on the day she was born. Keely’s reponse, “What day was it?” We laughed and laughed and laughed about it. That’s Keely, always good for a laugh. I’ve already told you about “do you know the city” and “the great yogurt robbery” so you can see that Keely is “quirky”, to say the least.

This is probably not a complete picture of Keely but she is a complex and interesting person with many, many great traits and I expect that she will be an adult that people will love to be around. She can make people feel better with just a few choice words. With her many talents and good humor, I am proud to call her my daughter.

So, in summation of the week that was “all things Keely”, I would like to inject a little humor by updating my “Top 10 Things I Love About Keely MacDonald” list. This isn’t a complete list of all the things I love about her, but you get the picture! Enjoy!

The Top 10 Things I love about Keely MacDonald

1. She can tell the same story multiple times, and yet, each time the story gets a little bit funnier and you never get tired of hearing about it.

2. Keely can hurt herself while sitting perfectly still. She’s broken her arm 8 times, had 3 stress fractures, tendonitis and that’s not including that silly little medical condition she had last year.

3. While being robbed at gunpoint, she was more concerned about her frozen yogurt melting than about actually getting shot.

4. She can’t tell the difference between and odometer and a tachometer and she’ll tell you about it … repeatedly!

5. She’s never met a stranger. People are drawn to her.

6. Keely is a loyal friend. Don’t mess with anybody she loves or you will definitely hear about it.

7. She talks louder on the phone (and the rest of the time as well), than any other human on earth.

8. Keely is a cat.

9. If you need to be rushed to an emergency room, history has proven that Keely is your girl. After all, she’s had to rush people there twice already.

10. Even though Keely talks all the time, she is an incredibly good listener.

11. Keely tries hard to be the best, whether it is academics, swimming or even friendship.

12. Keely is an incredible daughter and sister: loving and supportive.

13. Keelys typical answer to a joke: “I don’t get it!”

14. If you haven’t appeared in one of Keely’s photo albums, you don’t exist!

So, these are our Top 10 things we love about Keely. I realize there are 14 but just because I was a math major doesn’t mean I can count. In short, we are incredibly proud and honored that Keely is our child. She is a joy to all that know her and I am confident that someday she will make her mark on the world.

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