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I always thought i was pretty funny - Good Enough
The chronicles of an underachiever

Date: 2010-10-26 07:28
Subject: I always thought i was pretty funny
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Music:Baby I'm Yours by Artic Monkeys
Tags:humor, in which, lynn

I always thought I was pretty funny. As a matter of fact, I feel confident that I’m my own biggest fan. In college, before mood stabilizers were added into my system, I would get really, really hyper and just ramble on in one hour monologues for my friends. I can’t believe they sat through it. It never occurred for me to do anything with that because you never knew if the next day, I wouldn’t feel like uttering a word to anybody. Being bipolar is like that. At any rate, a very good friend of mine once explained to me that “I wasn’t funny. I was just the most ridiculous person on earth.” To which I responded, “What do you mean?” He said, “You laugh so much at your own jokes and humor that everyone else starts laughing too but you’re not funny.” Um ... okay. I suppose if the point is that my humor isn’t that of a stand up, he’s correct. But really, what IS the point of humor?

Is it to make somebody laugh? Forget their worries for a while? Send a message? Who knows? One thing I have discovered over the course of the last two months while roaming around in the blogging world is that there are many funny people and many funny blogs. What I didn’t realize is that there are many different types of humor. I suppose I knew this, I just never gave it much thought. Some blogs are just a recounting of peoples’ day, their interactions and funny things that happen to them. They’re cute and encompass “the kids say the darndest things” type of humor. Some blogs are literally like a stand up routine. You can imagine that person up on a stage saying one liners after one liners, their pauses, the whole shebang. I can’t write like that. If you said, “Lynn, say something funny” I would be stymied. I’m simply not capable of just writing funny one liners or even stories. The thought of scripting out a monologue leaves me paralyzed. I can tell stories. I have stories coming out the wazoo!

I have read blogs (http://wherehotcomestodie.blogspot.com) that are hilarious and read like a routine. Blogs that have “themes” like “The Mancode”( http://www.rachelintheoc.com/) that explains how men are different from women (and, by the way, not only is this blog funny but IT’S TRUE!) , and blogs that make fun of other blogs, other cultures like Very Bored in Catalunya (http://www.veryboredincatalunya.com), other people (http://www.notefromlapland.com/) and they’re all really, really funny. So where do I fit in with all this humor already out there?

This morning Kevin and I discussed just that and he said that I was more about “situational” humor. You see, I find humor in everything. The day my mom died; one of the funniest days ever. My dad’s funeral; same thing. I have dark humor, morbid humor. I can make fun of anybody, anything, anytime. I suppose that I look at life and just try to find the funny way of looking at it and dwelling on that rather than the reality of the situation. It’s how I cope and it’s how I help other people cope. Kind of a “could be worse, could be raining” type of philosophy. It’s interesting because I never thought of myself as an optimist; a glass “half-full” type of person. But I am!

The house I live in is built over the footprint of a good friend’s house. Her house was struck by lightening and burned down. Her bad fortune was my good fortune I suppose. We bought the lot and built our house on it. I always tell people, “Yeah, we bought the lot after the house burned down. But don’t blame me, I didn’t burn it down.” To some, this might appear insensitive, and that could be one of the many reasons that there are lots of “Lynn MacDonald haters” out there. But whatever, it works for me and fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke. I sifted through ashes of the house for my friend to help her reclaim remnants of her life. She knows I care so I’m not too concerned with the people who don’t “get it.”

I remember being on the bleachers when my kids were playing sports and telling people that Keely, age 14, was so damn uptight that I had told her “you should go out and get laid.” Obviously, I was joking but some of the people around me didn’t find it so amusing. I knew, and my friends knew, that this was my way of mocking Keely and society as a whole and getting her to “lighten up” but everyone didn’t take it that way. So, you see, I suppose it falls into the category of “inappropriate” humor.

As per usual, I’m rambling in this blog. It’s what I do. I ramble on about this or that unless I’m actually telling an anecdote that I find amusing. Then I ramble on about that. And so we find ourselves back to the original question (did I have an original question? I have no idea!) which was what is humor? What is its purpose? And where do I fit in? Humor is subjective and open to interpretation. I loved Seinfeld. I loved M*A*S*H. I never found Ray Romano funny. I didn’t watch Friends but Scrubs is hilarious. South Park is incredible and Family Guy is damn good too. So, humor is what you make of it. It’s a personal choice. Just because I like apples and you like pears doesn’t mean pears suck. It’s like that.

So I’m continuing to think I’m funny, but not “HAHA that girl is full of zingers” funny. I’m just observing the world in my own way, commenting on it and hoping that some people will chug along with me on my merry way. Yeah, I know this was a random post with no purpose but I’m a random human being with no purpose so it kind of fits.

I mean, I’m just saying …
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User: baciami2
Date: 2010-10-26 16:56 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart had one of the most genius bits I've heard him do. He related two political events in a brilliant way in talking about Rick Sanchez and Juan Williams. JS checked in with his correspondent who said she in front of Rich Sanchez's home. JS said she was supposed to be in front of Juan William's home. Corresp. reply, "You sent me to home of the guy who made bigoted remarks on the radio causing him to be fired from his tv job." JS, "No, I sent you to the home of the guy who made bigoted remarks on TV causing him to fired from his RADIO job." Brilliant. Of all the ways to link those two stores - that's how he did it.

I think you've shown this kind of humor, Lynn. You link things in a way often that's not readily apparent. Some people don't get it, so I'm sure they're offended or confused.
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User: koolaidmom11
Date: 2010-10-26 17:29 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Wow... thank you so much. I really appreciate the comment and i love the compliment. Comparing me to Jon Stewart...i'm preening right now!
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