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I'm just rambling ... as per usual ... but thanks - Good Enough
The chronicles of an underachiever

Date: 2010-10-31 08:55
Subject: I'm just rambling ... as per usual ... but thanks
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Tags:all fooked up, ramble, thanks
So, I've been a LJ member for three months now. THat's so weird because it seems like so much longer. I met many of you in August which is even weirder because i feel like i've known so many of you for so, so long.

I started my account because i had been lurking and reading BSG fics for a while and i absolutely, positively had to make a comment on Choosing_Sarah's reunion 2.0 so i set up the account. Then Shah_of_Blah had the friending meme and the rest is history.

I had been talking about writing a book of all my ramblings and funny stories that i've accumulated over my many, many years on Earth but it was Nazkey who really talked me into actually doing something about it. So, where am i going with all this? And how much do i love all these rhetorical questions? I certainly throw them out there alot.

Well, i've been posting my little blogs for ten weeks now (maybe 11) and obviously, i have a main site which is All Fooked Up. http://allfookedup.blogspot.com I'm having a professional website designed since i'm all about style over substance, and when it's done, i will be posting all my stuff over there. I have about 25 people who seem to read my posts over here and i definitely appreciate it because without the support of you guys, i never would have bothered over there. It's just that the formatting is going to be much better over there and that way i can keep track of just how many people are really reading all the stuff. So, i will still keep the links up and may even post the title with the link daily, but i'm hoping you guys will join me over there and become real "Followers" as well!

This won't happen for a while as i'm just in the design stage but i did want to give you both thanks and fair warning. Meanwhile, i will continue double posting even though i can't format for Shit over here on LJ.

Of course, i am keeping my LJ account but finally, it will only be used for fun and games like all the BSG stuff and, of course, for the occasional letter from Jamie to my family. HAHAHA

So, that's pretty much it guys. THanks for your support! THings are going well! I'm not a professional talk show guest yet but maybe i will be soon. I do have a card up my sleeve!

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