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In which i rank below the Patriots - Good Enough — LiveJournal
The chronicles of an underachiever

Date: 2010-11-04 07:28
Subject: In which i rank below the Patriots
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I live in a SportsCenter house. Every night I go to sleep to SportsCenter and every morning, it’s what we listen to. When people ask me if I’ve heard about certain news events, I reply with some statistics, usually about the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics or Duke Basketball.

I have more sports knowledge stuck in my brain that most women would ever want to know. So in September, the official First Sunday of the NFL season had been MUCH ANTICIPATED. New England was playing Cincinnati and with such a young team, victory was not assured although it was paramount. That’s why I was sitting in my office typing up this little entry instead of staying in the family room dealing with angst of yet another NEW ENGLAND season. Having barely lived through the incredibly stressful Red Sox Season, I’m not sure I can survive the winter. Thank god for Duke Basketball and Lacrosse last year or this house would have a black flag draped all over it.

At any rate, I’ve been writing this blog for nine weeks now and I’m entering my tenth week. The interesting thing about it is how much it’s taken over my life. The more you write, the more you have to say. It would be interesting if it wasn’t taking up so much damn time. Now, I’m actually enjoying myself but I feel as if I’m existing in a bubble, never really knowing what’s going on in the world around me. That’s why I appreciate the feedback I get (when I get it) so much. Recently, one s reader sent me the following email:

Thanks for the blog. We like your style. One sure thing is that you're never going to be boring. If you really want 'What's Next' advice here goes.

60 Minutes remains a Top Ten TV show because they've managed to keep it tight and fresh. Andy Rooney has held the final slot all these years because you never know what he's going to say. He's opinionated, uncontrolled, whiney, funny, curious -- which is why viewers hang around for an hour and wait for him. You have plenty of the same talent. We can see you closing out a local newscast once or twice a week. All the local news stuff is boring so you can spice it up. You've gotta be different so do not make a demo tape in a local studio. Sit on your John Deere wearing bib overall cutoffs. Maybe you need a photo on each blog. Send the blog or tape to YouTube and a local PR guy and see what happens.

You don't need the standup comedy thing.

Now, I have been harassing everyone I know to read the blog, but I haven’t actually taken the next step to write to newspapers or do anything to officially promote the blog. That’s a little too much like doing my homework and I never actually did that even in college so I’m sure as hell not starting now. Well, I suppose that all this Twitter crap is somewhat official but I’m talking about actually contacting people who can help me. As you can imagine, I was intrigued by this response so I went into the family room at 12:45 to read the email to Kevin. I start reading the email and Kevin interrupts me and says “Lynn, you’re WAY into NFL time now”. Yeah, that’s what he said. I was DISMISSED. This is my future here we’re talking about and he DISMISSES me. So, with my tail between my legs, I retreated. I know the priorities in the house and both my girls are off at school and I’m left here with Kevin and Daniel.

So I came in here to write this little entry about how I rank just below the numerous Boston sports teams. I just went back in there while he juggled the Patriots game with the Panthers game (we have season tickets) which he checked in on during commercials. I just asked him if I should discuss it with him in January and he told me perhaps he would have some time to discuss it later. Well, I just thought I should share this little story with you because apparently, my impending fame will have to wait … the Patriots are on!

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