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In which i discuss my "New House Rules" - Good Enough
The chronicles of an underachiever

Date: 2010-11-08 07:43
Subject: In which i discuss my "New House Rules"
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Tags:humor, in which, kids, lists, lynn, rules
Today I would like to discuss my house rules. What are the house rules you might be asking yourself? About 8 years ago, we moved into our new house. At the time my kids were 13, 12 and 9 years old. The nerve center of the house was the “cubby” area which was the entrance from the garage. Each one of my kids had their own cubby which included shelves, coat hooks, and shoe baskets. On the opposite wall were more coat hooks as well as a “bulletin board” which contained things such as the schedule of extra curricular activities and other important information. The most important piece of information posted were my “house rules.” As time marched on, I added more and more rules thus ending up with the current HOUSE RULES ADDENDUM. These rules became something of a legend as we always had multitudes of kids hanging out at our house. So now, without further ado, I bring you Lynn MacDonald’s House Rules:

House Rules Addendum

1. All coats will be hung in cubby or on hooks!!! If you have multiple coats, FIGURE IT OUT … you’re all “A” students!!
2. All shoes will be put in cubby or in basket. You also have a closet!
3. All reference books will either be in cubby or kids computer room upstairs or in your own room. Kitchen island needs to be kept clear in case I get the URGE to COOK!!
4. All toys, Gameboys, and other accumulated junk will be kept in your own rooms or in the bonus room, basically OUT OF MY SIGHT!!
5. Knapsacks/Swimbags will be put in cubby or under the coats. Sports stuff should be put away properly and wet towels should be put in the laundry room. LAX/FH stuff should be in the garage.
6. All computers will be put in cubby. The kitchen is not a CUBBY!!
7. Kids will be responsible for keeping their own rooms and bathrooms clean. This means bringing down your laundry, taking it upstairs and putting it away in A TIMELY FASHION and especially PICKING UP THE GODDAMN TOWELS OFF OF THE FLOOR!!! Also, if the drain in the bathroom is clogged, report it IMMEDIATELY!!
8. The bonus room must be kept reasonably picked up and completely picked up weekly. Organize the “game area” when you’re done! This does not mean drop everything in a “huge” pile. IF YOU BRING FOOD UP TO THE BONUS ROOM, you are responsible for bringing down the dirty stuff and picking up after yourselves. YOU ARE ALSO TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GUESTS!! (See below)
9. All foods and plates, etc., will be cleaned up after every meal and snack. Children are responsible for themselves and their guests. Your mother, no matter how little you think she does, is NOT YOUR MAID!!!
10. The table area you ate at must be wiped up after consuming said foods. Sometimes this might require a SPONGE.
11. Cars should be kept CLEAN, tires checked, service lights, etc. Any problems should be reported to US!!
12. TV room needs to be kept cleaner. Fold blankets when done, remove shoes and don’t leave all your schoolwork and clutter in there.
13. Please treat those around you with RESPECT or don’t bother TALKING. A little silence wouldn’t kill you.
14. Weekly stuff: Keely: Litter box. Daniel: Garbage. Andie: Tucker.
15. NO BITCHING ABOUT DINNER! It will be served at some point during the evening. Have a snack if you can’t wait. If you need something from the store, a little advance notice would help.
16. Failure to follow the rules will result in confiscation of the any and all items. You will need to earn them back by doing extra chores. NO SERIOUSLY, either that or we could GROUND YOU!!

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User: thegreenkitty
Date: 2010-11-08 20:24 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Hee, your kids are lucky to have you. Seriously. :)
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