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in which we hit up Vermont for Christmas - Good Enough
The chronicles of an underachiever

Date: 2010-11-12 07:36
Subject: in which we hit up Vermont for Christmas
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I just got of the phone with my mother-in-law, Allison, who lives in Vermont. I called up there because my husband has gone up to visit his family for 5 days while I stayed down here and manned the home front. She was just asking me why I haven’t been up in a while and I was explaining to her that I had to stay with Daniel, who is still in school, and dealing with the pets is such a hassle but have no fear Allison, eventually I will show up there again. When the kids were little, we used to go up to Vermont regularly and even spent two Christmas’s there. They were both unmitigated disasters which is why I have refused to go up to Vermont in the winter again.

I’ve actually been to Vermont in the winter 4 times, three of them with Kevin, and one of them before I met him and will be forever known as “the worst ski trip ever.” Of course, I haven’t blogged about that yet but trust me, it’s coming because it’s the most ridiculous story in the world.

Back to my in-laws.

Andie was a sickly baby. She was constantly having ear infections and bronchitis. She still gets ear infections and she’s almost 20 now. At any rate, we went up to Vermont in 1993 when Andie was not quite 2 and Keely had just turned 3. We usually stayed with my brother and sister-in-law when the kids were little because my in-laws had just moved back up to Vermont and lived in a tiny house. My brother and sister-in-law had four kids of their own so of course, there were plenty of toys and little people to play with. Now I’m from North Carolina and a cold day to me is below 30 degrees. To Vermonters, that’s a balmy winter day.

Andie had previously been diagnosed with asthma and was on a nebulizer four times a day. To say that this is a pain in the ass with a one year old is a mild understatement. The machine is really just a little compressor that turns her medicine into a mist so she can breathe it in and keep her lungs clear. You put a mask on her and she just breathes, that’s how it works. I bribed her with Skittles and if she sat there for 15 minutes with the nebulizer, she would get some. Of course, Keely being Keely (even back then), had to have HER Skittles too. So I was armed with lots of candy and we were going up to Vermont for Christmas to see the grandparents and cousins. We get there and there are 9 of us living in this house and it’s freezing outside so nobody can go out to play when Andie has a terrible asthma attack. Between the age of one and two Andie had six major asthma attacks and pneumonia so I knew what to do in the situation. I had to step up the nebulizer routine to round the clock, add in steroids (which makes the child crazy) and basically spend all my time holding her while she struggled to breathe.

Apparently, this wasn’t sucking enough because then Kevin got the flu. That’s right, the flu. So now, Kevin was sick as a dog, running a fever, laying around in bed and I was left dealing with a 3-year old and a one-year old who couldn’t breathe. Not being a particularly nice person, I got mad at Kevin for dragging me up to Vermont to see HIS family and then getting sick. So I was pissed at Kevin, taking care of Andie and just being your everyday basic bitch. Kevin was miserable but there’s no way I was going to take care of him because ... well no good reason, I just wasn’t doing it. Kevin’s mom (Allison) was trying to be nice to Kevin, I was being an evil bitch because it was crowded, freezing, Andie was sick, Kevin was fucking sick and sure enough, I started getting the stink-eye from Allison because she was angry with me for not taking care of her little boy!

I kept telling her that Kevin was an adult and would survive and what the hell did she want from me any way? Seriously, I’m not a nurturer. I’m a narcissistic, self centered bitch! This wasn’t part of the “let’s take the kids up to Vermont for Christmas to see my family” deal! At any rate, we got through the trip and I was incredibly reluctant to ever go to Vermont for Christmas ever again.

As you can imagine, this story has reflected poorly upon me in “MacDonald folklore” but hey, what did they expect? It was way more than I bargained for. If Kevin was looking to marry a “nice” girl, he fucked up LONG before this trip. We did go back to Vermont for Christmas one time after this. It was a FUCKING nightmare and I will never go back there in winter again. I would love to relate it to you but that’s a story for another day.

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