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25 Things about me - Good Enough
The chronicles of an underachiever

Date: 2010-11-30 13:40
Subject: 25 Things about me
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25 Things about me


1                 I won a wet t-shirt contest in West Palm Beach, FL when in was 18

2                 I’m actually a loner although I’m incredibly extroverted

3                 My brother was hit by a car when I was 7 and it molded my life

4                 I never heard of fanfiction before BSG

5                 I did tons of drugs in college and NY and quit when I was 26…just because I wanted to

6                 I never had a date before I was 22 years old

7                 My favorite color is blue

8                 I love chocolate…Peanut M&M’s and Toblerone Bars are my favs

9                 I’m incredibly spoiled and upgrade all the time

10              I have a strict anti-lecture policy in place ever since my parents died

11              I was a computer programmer and had one of the first PC’s ever!

12              I have 3 redeeming features:  my eyes (cuz they’re gold), my nose (cuz it’s perfect), and my teeth (cuz they’re so white)…hahaha…that was my sthick in college

13              I went to college to become a surgeon…didn’t work out

14              I’m a really good baker…but I HATE to cook

15              People are really, really scared of me

16              I was a varsity swimmer in college and the team captain

17              I get along with men great; women…not as much

18              I’ve been to Hawaii twice and the Caribbean at least 10 times

19              I met my husband at a bar in NYC…he was at a bachelor’s party

20              If a person speaks English, I can talk to him/her…I can talk to anyone!

21              The grossest bathroom I was ever in was in the former Yugoslavia…they hosed it down in between people.  YUCK!!

22              I’m incredibly mean and sarcastic to my children…they’re ruined

23              I write the greatest Christmas Letters ever, bar none!

24              I can’t write crack or fanfic but I can blog…kinda

25              I have a bestie who’s name is NAZKEY!

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