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In which i receive "The Best Compliment Ever!" - Good Enough
The chronicles of an underachiever

Date: 2010-08-18 12:49
Subject: In which i receive "The Best Compliment Ever!"
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Ok… Here I am once again sitting at my computer pondering what to say today? Firstly, my daughter has informed me that I have the worst syntax ever and that I have an awful writing style. Of course, all summer I asked her to write down the stories and now she’s getting ready to go off to college so I don’t see how this is my fault.

I was debating which story to tell and I’ve decided to tell the one about the “Best Compliment Ever”. We begin the story when I graduate college. For my present my parents sent me on a lightening tour of Europe; seriously, 15 countries in 31 days. It’s a lot of time on a bus, a lot of time in hostels and a whole lot of time drinking… but it’s fun and I had a lot of funny, funny things happen there.

So…I was 22 and I’m in Copenhagen, Denmark. Now apparently, the Swedes and the Danes don’t like each other very much. This tour I’m on is so cheap that if we were in New York, we’d be staying in Times Square. Seriously, we were in the Red Light District in every country. Anyways, where was I. Oh yeah, so a friend of mine and I are in the low rent district of Copenhagen getting a bite to eat at a diner when some drunk guy walks up to us. Here’s the conversation:

Drunk Guy: Hey!

Me: Hey!

Drunk Guy: So, what are you guys?

Me: We’re American Tourists

Drunk Guy: American Whores?

Me: No, American Tourists

Drunk Guy: American Whores?

Me: No, A-mer-i-can Tour-ists

Drunk Guy: God. You American Whores are so much better looking than
the Swedish Whores

So there you have it. Just one random snippet from a trip that provided plenty. Anyways, it’s one of my favorite stories because I know that at the very least, I am better looking than the Swedish Whores!!!

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