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Good Enough
The chronicles of an underachiever

Date: 2011-04-10 09:36
Subject: Help!
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Hey guys...this may sound silly but i need some help. I don't know how to take a still out of a moving picture like you guys do to make icons. How do you do that or can somebody get the two pictures i need and send me jpegs.

Here's what i want! I'm writing a blog post about Moses (i know right?) and want a picture from the 10 commandments of him looking messy before he went up Mt. Sinai and also, a picture of him when he came down from the mountain with the 10 commandments.

Why? He obviously got a cut, color and blow out up there and i'm going to address the fact that he apparently found a spa up on Mt. Sinai...so i need a before and after picture.

So, anybody? can you get the two pictures? or tell me how to get a screenshot of a movie? like you guys do when you make icons? ok, that is all.

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something clever
User: shah_of_blah
Date: 2011-04-10 15:47 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Can you just use pictures from Google Images? If not, taking a screenshot is apple-shift-4 on a Mac.
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