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In which i discuss my chocolate addiction: Part Two - Good Enough
The chronicles of an underachiever

Date: 2010-09-03 07:39
Subject: In which i discuss my chocolate addiction: Part Two
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Music:Love the way you lie by Eminem
Tags:chocolate, hilarious stories, lynn, travel

Way back in the day, before the kids, I used to travel with Kevin when he had business trips. Some of you are probably saying, “why didn’t she have a job of her own?” Well, I did, but unfortunately I spent a large part of my career getting fired from various and sundry jobs so I had an abundance of free time but then, that’s a story for another day.

So where was I? Oh yeah. Kevin and I went to Los Angeles where we stayed a week at Marina del Rey while he attended some work thing or another. I spent the week visiting friends, working out, working on my tan and generally just wasting time. This was a nice hotel and every night they gave us turn down chocolates. As any true chocoholic would tell you, turn down chocolates are one of the highlights of any travel experience. On the third night, we get back to our room and there are NO TURNDOWN CHOCOLATES on my pillow. I’m in shock. This development is completely unexpected and unacceptable, and to say the least, I am pissed.

I call housekeeping and explain that somehow, someone forgot to leave turndown chocolates in my room. They ask me what I want done about it and I tell them there is a good chance I won’t survive the night if some aren’t sent to me. They agree and about 20 minutes later there is a knock at my door. I open it and there is a manager with not only turn down chocolates, but a box of Chocolate Truffles. I’m talking pay dirt! Of course, I thank him profusely as Kevin hides his head in shame. By the way, those truffles were really excellent!

The next night, we show up at our room and there are about 40 turndown chocolates all over the pillows. It was, in a word, amazing. As I was walking down the hall the next day, I hear one of the maids say to the other … “that’s the lady with the turndown chocolates”. So there you are: turndown chocolates, mainstay of my existence!

More recently, Andie and I were in San Francisco on a trip out to California to look at Stanford. We met friends out there and after going to the Giants game, we walked a bit and ended up at the Ghiradelli Chocolate factory. Now I don’t know about you, but I think Ghiradelli chocolates are damn good. At any rate, you walk into the store and they give you a free Ghiradelli chocolate. It was quite tasty. So tasty, in fact that I decided to walk into the store again … and yet again. My daughter Andie, refused to accompany me back in and stood there with her friend Lucy, mortified as I repeatedly walked in the entrance, through the store and then exited. On the third trip, I realized that my daughter might not live through the humiliation so I decided to purchase a Ghiradelli chocolate bar. They had a buy 3, get 2 free sale so I couldn’t resist the idea of all that free chocolate so I ended up with 5 huge Ghiradelli chocolate bars. Before you ask, yes, I did share them with Andie this time!

So what’s my point? I love chocolate. I need chocolate. I crave chocolate and more importantly, I have absolutely no self control when it comes to chocolate.

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